Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery Houston: Qualify Online!

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Don’t Go to Mexico for Weight Loss Surgery!!!

We know that you could go anywhere for weight loss surgery, but we hope that you let us earn your business. Our gastric sleeve procedure pricing of $9800 has no hidden fees or surprises.

Medical tourism, or traveling to other countries to receive affordable healthcare is growing in popularity. While we understand that rising costs of healthcare are making medical tourism for certain medications and treatments more and more attractive, special consideration should be taken when leaving the country for a major operation.

To read more about why traveling to Mexico for weight loss surgery may not be in your best interest, please read our medical tourism blog here.
“Any discussion you want to have about long term weight loss…in my opinion, you must include a discussion about weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery is the only proven method for long term, durable weight loss.” – Thomas Borland, M.D., FACS

You can set into motion right now…this minute…your weight loss journey. Fill out this form to find out today if you are a candidate for weight loss surgery and reshape your life. Dr. Borland will personally email you to discuss your plan of care shortly after receipt of this message.