The Rise in Popularity of Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery

The Rise in Popularity of Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery

Since 2013, the sleeve gastrectomy (or Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery) is the most popular choice among patients and physicians for long term, durable weight loss. Gastric Sleeve surgeries went from representing less than one percent of all bariatric surgeries to surpassing the other procedures in just 3 short years.

According to a chart released by the American College of Surgeons Bariatric Surgery Center Network (ACS BSCN), comprised of nearly 30,000 patients and their data, lap band surgeries, and gastric bypass surgeries began declining at nearly the exact time that gastric sleeve surgery gained popularity beginning in 2009, leading researchers to conclude that the causation of the decline in traditional weight-loss surgeries was a correlation with the increase in sleeve gastrectomies.

Why Gastric Sleeve? 

According to, one of the main reasons that Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery is surpassing the Lap-Band and Gastric Bypass is simply because the results are better. With gastric sleeve surgery, most of the portion of the stomach that produces ghrelin, a substance doctors call the “hunger hormone,” is removed, making the stomach both biologically smaller and more apt to feel full hormonally at the same time.

“The gastric sleeve was first developed as a first step procedure for extremely obese people for whom gastric bypass surgery was too risky. Extremely obese people are classified by a BMI of 60 or higher. The gastric sleeve is a minimally invasive approach that had fewer complications and faster recovery time than gastric bypass surgery. Surgeons began to notice patients were losing similar amounts of weight as patients who had undergone gastric bypass so they started to dig a little deeper.”

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Are you a candidate for gastric sleeve weight loss surgery? 

As the saying goes, the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. As we age, our bodies do not maintain the metabolism of our youth and physical fitness grows more elusive with each passing birthday. With busy schedules and work, healthy grocery shopping, regular cardio/weight training, and calorie counting can seem impossible. Studies have shown that diet and exercise fail to produce measurable, durable (long-term) weight loss 98% of the time. If you are serious about long term weight loss and life change, the discussion of weight loss surgery simply has to be included in your options.

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