Weight Loss Surgery Costs to Consider

Weight Loss Surgery Costs to Consider

Dropping weight and working toward a healthier you is an investment in the future. If you’re considering bariatric surgery, you may be concerned about the cost. This is reasonable—although there are options for making it more affordable, weight loss surgery is often expensive.

The investment in improving your life is usually well worth the cost. Many patients even end up saving money in the long run because of reduced medical costs after significant weight loss. Here’s some information about the cost of weight loss surgery to help you make an informed choice.

The Burdens of Being Overweight or Obese

Excess weight is not only uncomfortable, it also imposes a variety of financial and physical burdens. Overweight and obese people are at a higher risk for many health problems including stroke, diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer. Financially, obesity may involve costs for things such as medications and extra medical treatments. Bariatric surgery is an investment in your life that can help you make a change for the better.

The Costs of Bariatric Surgery

The cost of weight loss surgery varies dramatically depending on the type of surgery you choose, whether it’s covered by your insurance and where you have the surgery performed. The average price varies considerably by state; doctors and hospitals in each state charge different rates. Gastric sleeve surgery ranges from $9,600 to $26,000 across the United States for patients who pay without insurance.

Paying for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

There are options available to help you pay for bariatric surgery. Insurance and Medicaid are not accepted by Dr. Borland, but financing is available. If you need help paying the surgery fees, our office can help you set up an affordable monthly payment plan. Patients who prefer not to finance the surgery can mail the full payment, which is due 10 days before your surgery date.

Breakdown of Pre-Operative Costs

Each phase of weight loss surgery has associated costs. Any required pre-op testing and blood work is usually performed by your primary care doctor and may be covered by insurance. Patients don’t necessarily require all of the preparatory measures below, but here are some of the possible pre-op costs associated with the gastric sleeve:

  • Consultations with a nutritionist or dietitian
  • Health clearances
  • Lab work
  • Sleep study

Breakdown of the Cost of Gastric Sleeve with Dr. Borland

The cost for gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Borland is $9,800. This is less than the national average of $16,800; it’s also less than the $15,400 average in Louisiana. The price includes a number of services:

  • Initial office visit fee of $200
  • Surgeon’s fee of $3,000
  • Assistant surgeon’s fee of $1,000
  • Anesthesia fee of $600
  • New Iberia Surgery Center fee of $5,000

There are some things the price does not cover, including:

  • The hotel stay for 2-3 days during recovery
  • Travel to and from New Iberia, Louisiana
  • Pre-op testing, if required

We are able to offer affordable pricing for the gastric sleeve because we treat it as an outpatient procedure, allowing patients to avoid expensive hospital bills. You’ll need to pay for your stay in a nearby hotel for a couple days during the recovery period, but this cost is significantly less than staying in a hospital.

Breakdown of Post-Operative Costs

Besides the surgery itself, there are possible post-op costs to consider.

  • Recommended nutritionist appointments, usually costing between $50 and $100 per visit
  • Nutritional supplements like bariatric vitamins or protein supplements
  • Food costs may increase
  • A gym membership or personal trainer
  • New clothes as you lose weight

Saving Money After Surgery

Patients may actually save money in the long run by having the gastric sleeve surgery. Improving your health following surgery leads to lower medical costs as you age. Patients often need fewer prescription drugs after surgery, which saves some people around $3,000 per year. Many patients break even around the two year mark and then start saving money.

Dr. Borland is proud to offer affordable options for weight loss surgery. Even with reasonable rates, it’s still a big decision. Remember that weight loss surgery is an investment in a healthier future—and could even save your life.