Why New Iberia Surgery Center?

Why New Iberia Surgery Center?

Integrated Care for Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery

If you have ever considered having a surgical procedure, you know the feeling. There is an anxiety and dread that accompanies the depth and breadth of considerations and information to be taken in. Where will you have the surgery? How much will your portion cost? Do you choose a private hospital or do you schedule a procedure at a public community hospital? How many doctors will be involved in your surgery? How long will you have to stay? Is there any way to lower the costs that you will incur?

This was the feeling that Dr. Thomas Borland and his staff set out to remedy when they first discussed creating a streamlined process, from start to finish, for gastric sleeve surgery candidates, some of whom were considering traveling to Mexico to have the same procedure. Dr. Borland wanted to create a comfortable, intuitive, predictable, fully integrated model of the entire plan of care for a gastric sleeve weight loss patient that would be done the same way, every time, in the most efficient manner possible.

“One of the great things about coming to New Iberia Surgery Center for Gastric Sleeve Surgery is…we are a small facility, but it’s also a very personable place,” says Danita Broussard, RN, one of Dr. Borland’s surgical staff members. “We can take full care of you, from admit, through surgery, all the way through the recovery phase. You might not know us when you arrive, but you probably will feel like you know us well by the time that you leave.”

So if you are from New York, or California, why would you choose Dr. Thomas Borland and the New Iberia Surgery Center for your gastric sleeve procedure?

According to Broussard, it’s all about the methodically tested and proven integrated plan of care that you will receive from Dr. Borland and his staff. “One of the benefits to being small is that we can be very streamlined. A patient will come in, and we have already pre-admitted them. We have all of their information, prior to their arrival, and then we get them admitted. They will see many of the same faces throughout their stay here.”

And for people who are worried about putting all the puzzle pieces together, Dr. Borland and his staff have anticipated and eliminated those concerns. Says Broussard, ” They don’t have to go to another doctor to have this particular test or lab done. They don’t have to go to this or that  facility to have one part of the procedure done to be wheeled back to our facility. It’s all done right here. It’s convenient for patients. It’s easy for family. We try to keep families together so that they are always notified of things that go on while the patient is in our care.”