5 Ways Gastric Sleeve Surgery Will Improve Your Life

5 Ways Gastric Sleeve Surgery Will Improve Your Life

Since 2009, the sleeve gastrectomy (also referred to as Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery) has exponentially gained popularity, surpassing all other forms of weight loss surgery in 2012. With a minimally invasive scope procedure, a fairly short hospital stay, and overall better results, it is clear why it is now the #1 choice of patients and physicians.

1) Durable Weight Loss

The most common prescription for weight loss is diet and exercise, which statistically fails to produce long-term, durable weight loss 98% of the time. Because this procedure removes a large part of your stomach, leaving it roughly the size and shape of a banana, very few cases of full weight regain have ever been reported following gastric sleeve weight loss surgery.

2) Cut Down on Medications

Several studies have shown that patients have been able to eliminate obesity-related disorders (co-morbidities), some in as little as 8 months after a surgery. Patients who experienced depression, diabetes, high blood pressure and other life-threatening illnesses associated with obesity have reported a reduction in the medications they have been prescribed or an elimination of medications altogether.

3) More Energy

Our patients frequently report becoming much more physically active after their surgeries. Their weight loss allows them to exercise with much better results and much more comfortably. Several of our patients have reported picking up entirely new hobbies like tennis, golf, running marathons, bodybuilding and more.

4) Improved Self Esteem

Our patients, on average, lose 100 pounds after surgery, some lose more. Can you imagine what your life would be like if you were 100 pounds lighter? For perspective, pick up two 50 pound barbells (safely) the next time you are at the gym, then try to walk in a straight line for ten feet. Lower the barbells to the ground. That overwhelming feeling of relief is the feeling your body will thank you for after your procedure.

5) Quick Return To Your Life and Loved Ones

Perhaps the best thing about the gastric sleeve weight loss surgery is that in most cases, you will be allowed to go home after just three days with us. As we are an outpatient facility, you will only remain in the hospital for the procedure and a brief recovery period. You will then be moved to a comfortable, new hotel room nearby where your family or loved ones can stay with you so that everyone gets a good night’s sleep.

No worries, Dr. Borland will come right to your hotel and check on you, and you will have everything you need for your recovery. By the third day, most patients find that they are comfortable enough to return home.

What are you waiting for? Change your life for the positive today. Click here to find out if you are a candidate for gastric weight loss surgery.