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Did you know that gastric sleeve patients lose an average of 100 pounds?

Diet and exercise, the most common prescription for weight loss, has a 98% failure rate. Would you buy a car that failed to start 98% of the time? Would you be happy if your kids made good grades only two percent of the time? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Dr. Thomas Borland offers gastric sleeve surgery in Lake Charles.

While we absolutely encourage a balanced lifestyle that includes regular cardio and weightlifting and we encourage all of our patients to understand the calories in/ calories out premise, these two things alone simply are not enough to melt away the pounds for most people.

Gastric Surgery in Lake Charles

We know that you could go anywhere for gastric sleeve surgery, but you have the opportunity to stay right here in Louisiana and receive world-class care and results. Dr. Thomas Borland offers gastric sleeve surgery in Lake Charles.

“Any discussion you want to have about long-term weight loss…in my opinion, you must include a discussion about weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery is the only proven method for long term, durable weight loss.” – Thomas Borland, M.D., FACS

You can set it into motion right now…this minute…your weight loss journey. Fill out this form to find out today if you are a candidate for weight loss surgery and reshape your life. Dr. Borland will personally email you to discuss your plan of care shortly after receipt of this message. However, you may also contact us about gastric sleeve surgery in Lake Charles.